The first Banana Menorah was born out of necessity. Samantha (Jewish) was visiting her boyfriend, Zach (Goy), over college winter break and had to improvise one Hanukkah night. That first menorah was created from an underripe banana, a chopstick, and some creative thinking. 


That’s how they’ve been made for the last decade+. The improvised menorah grew into a regular tradition (typically paired with dry martinis). 

Until 2022. Sam and Zach, now married and with kids, had always toyed with manufacturing a more permanent Banana Menorah (flambéeing 8 bananas each year seemed a bit wasteful). After some prototyping and flame testing, Banana Menorah was launched.

The 2022 launch model of the Banana Menorah was cast in stainless steel and hand-polished to a lustrous finish. It was a conversation starter, an heirloom, and your favorite menorah.